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I've seen 30+ shows Todd/Utopia and enjoyed pretty much every single one. I watched the Yahoo broadcast of the current Global show and was happy to see Todd creative, breaking ground, fun and exploring a great and timely theme. Voice, girls, stage....all excellent. But for one thing; the medley is abysmal. Most fans know Todd, he's said, is sick of playing these Hits. So Todd, my question, even if it involves some programming, is why don't you pick two songs that you would Love to play and use this point in the show and change up the setlist. I could list 30 songs from your catalogue, not to mention Cars, Meat Loaf and just plain Philly. I love the show, you are Todd, get in there. Play in the moment what makes you feel it, and we'll follow you. See you 5312015 in Tucson. David L

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