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Went to the Pittsburgh show Saturday night and loved it!

First of all, I have to admit I did not like State very much. I remember going to see the State live show thinking, "this will be better live, like the NWO tour." But the State tour was disappointing. I still don't know why Prairie & Jesse were even there (it seemed like they felt the same way). It's not that I don't like electronica/dance music (I liked much of reProduction), the show was just monotonous and I cringed during the "hits medley."

This Global show was the cool, fun show I was looking for! First of all, I like Global a LOT better than State. DJ emcee Dam Funk was the coolest and the two girls did a great job. The light show was cool as well. Todd was very energetic and in pretty good voice. I really liked "Holy Land" which has kind of a Talking Heads-ish world music sound. Someone else thought it sounded like Peter Gabriel which might be a better comparison. Anyway, this song was the start of a sort of world music segment in the show that climaxed with - a world music version of One World! Awesome! "Soothe" is just a beautiful tune, probably my favorite from Global. But we got the same "hits medley" again, only this time not as cringe-worthy, thanks to the girls. And that was certainly saved by the encore of International Feel/Just One Victory.

So for those who liked the State shows, you will really love this show. And if like me, you didn't care much for the State show, I guarantee you will like this one a whole lot better.

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4/25/2015 - Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA

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