Todd Rundgren Grand Rapids Michigan 04-23-15

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My wife and I drove up from Chicago to see TR. The Intersection was a nice large open warehouse type venue. We were not expecting much. We bought the VIP tickets so that we could sit in the first four rows. Very nice padded seats. I've been a fan since age 16 or 1977 when I saw the OOP's wrong planet tour. Todd has some new faces on this tour and a new music called Global. The acoustics were excellent I could clearly hear Todd. The new music was typical TR. For me going to a Todd shown is like seeing an old friend or a visit to a psychiatrist with a cure. We immensely enjoyed the show. I even enjoyed the obscure songs selected from his past few albums. The crowd was polite. Other than people talking non stop during the show. WTF! My wife who is a so so fan Had a blast! I was thinking during the show about Todds long history musically and it's effect on my life. I focused on the deeper meanings of his music during the show. The show was like a lifesaving blood transfusion for me. It made me feel like there is another person that thinks like me and that I am part of Terra Firma! THANKS Todd! So that leaves me, I have to do it. Be a real man.

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4/23/2015 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI

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