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What a fun and great experience we had last night!

The venue was wonderful. We were in the mezzanine with great sightlines. And the sound was really good too. The Vic seats about 1600 I was told and it looked to be full to me.

As for the performance, let me just say I continue to love and respect what Todd does more and more each time I see him. Probably 40 or 50 times so far for me. This was different than any other performance I have seen. Todd's energy and ability to entertain were in high gear.

My favorites were all the new songs from Global plus I really liked Truth. I posted several videos on youtube...Evrybody, Blind, Soothe, This Island Earth, Today, Holyland.

For all the crap I have heard spewn from some, I thought it was all good tonight...backup singers were entertaining, pretty much on key. I heard one comparison to TR and Frank Sinatra past his prime...after seeing the show all I can say is Geez Louise, you have got to be out of your mind to think that. I could do without the oldies sung to electronic backgrounds. But that was no big deal.

Todd was non-stop for 2 hours. Singing, dancing, playing guitar, into it. Amazing Todd, simply amazing. I am proud to call you on of my heroes! Mahalo.

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4/22/2015 - Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL

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