Chicago Global concert review - 4/22

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Saw in the latest MOJO mag that the Global record was reviewed as Todd "is better than this." (2 stars)

WRONG: This Global tour is GREAT, AND so is the record!

This is the new and improved Todd, and what you don't budget for a band you put in entertaining singers/dancers/DJ (cool and funny guy!).

Super-FUN and for his electronica-style and drum-programmed material IMO this is by far his best. "Soothe" alone was worth the price of admission.

Sometimes the backing tracks were a bit loud relative to the vocals but overall the sound was very good at The Vic, and TR seemed focused, inspired, and ON HIS GAME.

Hope this show makes a return trip because I would go in a Terra Firma second. The lighting/graphic displays and Marcel Marceau pantomimes were interesting as well.

This was straight-ahead music from start to finish; don't think he spoke to the audience (only the DJ did) but that didn't matter because never really a dull moment.

CHECK OUT THIS SHOW if you haven't already.

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4/22/2015 - Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL

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