Global Tour 4.21.15 Pabst Theater

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For reasons, missed the initial tour announcement, so seats were 5 rows back in the balcony (viewpoint). But had the Global CD on pre-order, and then had it on constant rotation for a week or so prior. Admitted, I had to listen multiple times before I could "get in there...into the sound". Had to play some of it loud to clearly hear all the sounds that are laid down or moving in the background. Liked 90% or so of the aggregate. Good beats, infectious rhythms, thought provoking lyrics, haunting enjoyable verses. So we approached the show knowing the format...(had stumbled onto Todd's stage call out for back up singer auditions). But for some patrons (never fails), they obviously did not know which Todd was performing nor what he had planned. So I heard the usual grumbling, but then again, thankfully / hopefully overshadowed by most of his adoring fans. The Green Bay'ers in front of us were a very welcoming adoring ("we just love him") bunch. The Pabst is a very intimate old style theater venue with decent acoustics but I have to say, after seeing Jim Snyder's pictures here, the balcony seats weren't able to capture the full intensity of the show. What we did get was an absolute hilarious moment when a 70's hold out ( been one too ) got up and turned around during Skyscraper and announced or asked of us with arms out.. "what-the-hell is this?... what-the-f*ck is this?". The levity was amazing. Rolling with laughter...just doesn't happen enough. Kids told me the guy up and left afterwards (but I agree: should have canned that song for Fate). Anyway most here have been or are going. Other than a bit of a flub on the lyrics during Evrybody, that Todd laughed off, and a slight fix of some early re verb, the music and show went off pretty much without a hitch until after the fourth song or thereabouts, when Todd momentarily thought he was in Chicago. Sensed that the mistake actually bothered him for just a bit when he came back on stage. Then thankfully out came the new guitar for Secret Society and a very nice solo. My preferences lean more toward him stepping up front to riff on the guitar, but it just doesn't happen enough on this tour. When he sang alone, he was in need of some spray or rest, as he was pushing many times to a bit of a dry breaking of the voice. But perform he did, none the less. And so what I want to express, is my appreciation for the tenacity that Todd has come to be known for. My take - The man must have had some spiritual upload or manifestation in his early life, and those that know or hoping to know, realize that his purpose in life may be a moral obligation: to provide an intelligent comprehensible entertaining message to receptive ears and individuals about his perception of life, as well as animating about other human patterns. What hasn't he written, sang, and played about? He refuses to sit idle and even still he carries on and forges into new territory. For this Todd, I am grateful, and proud to be a fan, loyal supporter/attender, and an advocate of your work. Truly a remarkable library for us, you have become. Check out the new material, for the more we absorb and convey this worthy material the farther we can go. Long tangent over.....Todd, gals, and Damn Funk finished the show with three of the classics and perennial favorites and lots of action : World Wide Epiphany, International Feel, Just One Victory. And we go home with smiles. Thank you.

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4/21/2015 - The Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI

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