April 15, 2015, Lincoln, NE

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Here's a wrap up of TR's GLOBAL show from Lincoln, Nebraska, on April 15, 2015. The production was scaled down to fit on the stage at Knickerbockers, which was a full house, but not as tightly packed as I thought it would be with 400 tickets sold. Looking at some of the other photos, I'm guessing the stage was close to half the size of some of the other venues that he'll perform on this tour, with about half the number of digital light panels. DJ Dam Funk added some keyboards, background vocals, and manned the rest of the programmed music. Last but certainly not least, every show should always have at least two young ladies who dance and sing back up...

Todd appeared to be in good spirits and energetic. The new stuff from GLOBAL was well received, playing all but one song from it ("Fate"). Three songs from the previous album STATE were played ("Ping Me," "Party Liquor ," and "Smoke") and two from LIARS ("Truth" and "Future"). "One World" (from Utopia's SWING TO THE RIGHT) had a real disco feel when given the electronic dance treatment (EDM), and that's not necessarily a good thing. Some other TR/Utopia songs may have sounded better ("Rock Love"?). "World Wide Epiphany," "International Feel" and "Just One Victory" - played straight -- ended the show.

Oh, and you've heard some of those song mashups (particularly in places like a disco or roller rink) where they mix all of the music to the same exact beat? The combo of "CWSbF," "IStL" and "HiM" was like that. A wee bit cringe worthy... I'd rather TR do 'em straight, maybe one tiny mini concert of the "hits" for those wanting to hear 'em... In addition, I thought it was bit odd when the DJ and the two back-up singers left the stage, leaving a solo Todd. Several of us stated that it was the best Todd Rundgren karaoke that one will ever hear. TR played a clear-bodied Fender on a handful of songs.

I didn't check out the merchandise table but found out later they wanted $30 for the one-color-on-black tee shirt. And I heard they ran out of many of the larger - and better designed IMHO - red shirts with the multi-colored globe design. This is the third city of the tour and they're already out of some sizes? Say what?!

The show started just after 8 pm and at 10 TR was out the door and into his bus. We hung around long enough for a chance to say hi, about an hour later. The two dozen or so fans were patient and TR was cordial to everyone wanting photos and autographs.

Overall it was a fun, energetic, and tightly performed show, a good experiment and entertaining with very little banter. I think Lincoln was mentioned only a couple of times. However, the next time I see him perform, I want to see a stage full of real, live musicians, preferably playing drums, bass, rhythm guitar, maybe a keyboard and a couple of horns... and, oh yes, a couple of backup-singing dancing girls.

The Set List:

Flesh and Blood
Secret Society
Ping Me
Earth Mother
Party Liquor
Terra Firma
This Island Earth
One World
Global Nation
Can We Still Be Friends/ I Saw the Light / Hello It's Me
Worldwide Epiphany
International Feel

Just One Victory

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4/15/2015 - Knickerbockers - Lincoln, NE

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