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‚ÄčI really enjoyed nearly all of this Global show. It was a wonder to watch this foot tapping, moving show. TR and the dance ladies were on fire - the energy at this show is amazing. TR is how old? The DJ, Dam Funk played one opening song to set the mood (it was well done!) then TR and the dancing ladies took the stage and all 4 played non-stop.

Impressions: great light show. I wonder who designed it? The strobes and spots seem to be from the State Live holdovers; but the LEDs of images/graphics added a lot. There was nearly non-stop music/energy: we grandmas and grandpas were dancing in our seats, some standing, rather than sitting. TR beckoning the crowd to action (as if trying to hold back the aging process). Dam-Funk, made me feel odd and old: as if we were at a professional basketball game (get ready to rumblllleeee, "put your hands in the air" and some 'give it up for T O D D R U N D G R E N , cheer leading. It just seemed odd for Todd's demographic.

TR was in Las Vegas showman mode- did I mention the energy? No banter, just song after song. The show clocked in a ~1:45 min show.

The Pikes Peak center is a large and very very nice venue. It holds ~1900 seats (orchestra balconies, boxes). TR show sold about 500 to 600 tix. There was easy parking, very nice host staff. A pre-show very nice buffet diner option (thx Brent!)


Highlights (for me): GN, Terra Firma, Soothe, WWE (crowd loved this one). For me it would have been OK to drop the obligatory HIM/CWSBF/ISTL techno medley (same as the State version). The long term fans (60's and 70's?) did not seem to appreciate those versions - I suspect some were in shock - a few left their front row seats and other had eyes and ears closed). JOV and International Feel were played pretty close to the album versions. Blind was nice, TR could have played guitar on Blind but did not (yet I think I heard guitar in the backing track).

Arena's "Today" was the shocker of the night. Today got the Global EDM treatment (a bit). TR seemed possessed by the song. I really liked this new version. WWE had all on their feet - that song was definitely a crowd fav.

TR played blistering guitar on a few songs, but the show was mostly about his vocals and the his message about treating our Earth better. There was a techno version of One World and a slightly re-worked version of Secret Society. Women in our audience really seemed to like Earth Mother. Many of the Global songs came to life for me hearing them (somewhat) live - recorded tracks were used punctuated with the DJ's Dam Funk's keys and TR's occasional live guitar. The two talented women sang harmony and danced on most of the songs.

TR' crew's post-show, clean up music: 'Technopolis', YMO version

If you like State, Liars and the album Global, go to the live show, if not, then skip.

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4/14/2015 - Pike's Peak Center - Colorado Springs, CO

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