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Todd Rundgren Unpredictable -- Limelight Eventplex -- Peoria, Illinois -- 11/15/14

I've seen Todd many times, likely 40 or so; this was one of the best. The Limelight is a great venue. From our seats the sound was I have ever heard. The Limelight was SRO. People who worked there said 850 in attendance. High energy. Most of the crowd was middle aged crazy like me. Not too many young people.

I prefer Todd's original music to the covers. However, playing covers seemed to increase his energy level and the amount of banter with the crowd. I did enjoy Fire very much.

His playing and singing was flawless. I posted some video to youtube so you can hear for yourself.

Some of the best photos I have ever seen are posted by Jim Snyder at this! Thanks for sharing these. From my seats, I did not get to see this level of detail.

Before the show, I managed to get some of my light up glasses to the stage. Lo and behold, Jesse, Kasim and Prairie put them on for the encore. I could see Kasim peering out in the crowd at me and my wife; we were wearing our glasses too!

It was the third Todd show for my wife. I was so happy to see her up singing and dancing spontaneously...I think I have her converted! Thank you Todd, Jesse, Kas and Prairie....great show! I know touring has to be somewhat of a grind...Minneapolis the next evening. Your fans do appreciate what you do for us!

Here is the set list...I did not figure out the first song....

1)	???
2)	Love of the common man
3)	Running bear
4)	Cliché
5)	Black and white
6)	Endless prairie
7)	I'm a gun
8)	I don't want to tie you down
9)	Big weekend
10)	Born to synthesize
11)	It wouldn't have made any difference
12)	Song of the Viking (flawless, on youtube)
13)	Compassion
14)	Fire (on youtube)
15)	Having any fun
16)	I saw the light
17)	Hello it's me
18)	Lysistrata
19)	One world
20) Too far gone
21) Past (on youtube)
22) Love in action (on youtube)

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11/15/2014 - Limelight - Peoria, IL

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