Park West/Chicago IL/11.13.14

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WOW! What a great time! Hanging with the diehards in line early, so cold but so much fun which makes it ok to freeze! Hey, it's Chicago, you never know how the weather is going to be and it seems Todd likes to come to Chicago when it's freezing out! (like he controls the weather )

Same b.s. in line with a person who feels they are entitled while other people wait in line for a long time but hey, not worth getting into cause the show is the most important thing anyway!

The show was GREAT and LOTS OF FUN! Todd seemed to be in a good mood joking and laughing and even smiling! Kasim on the other hand did not look happy and I wasn't the only one who noticed it because someone from the crowd told him to smile. Anyway, everyone sounded great and even though Todd does not like playing the piano those are some of my favorite songs, like Compassion WOW! But I always LOVE, I Don't Want To Tie You Down, Love In Action, of course I could go on and on. I must say the older songs that Todd did on the piano reminds me of the GREAT times in California with old friends and new friends, love California! (especially S.F.) Thank you for not playing the Lorne Greene songs, as a fan shouted out we want to hear Todd songs, I believe most people want that from you. There was a lot of talk about those not being played and the people I heard said the same thing.

I know you don't like doing "Hello It's Me" anymore but it has such wonderful memories for a lot of people and it really means a lot. I hope you have a Great Time on the rest of the tour and come back to the Midwest soon! Great seeing you smile!

On a personal note: My oldest son got married this month and he was kind enough to let me pick a song for our mother and son dance at his wedding. He knew I wanted a Todd song and for some reason "A Dream Goes On Forever" popped into my head and he said he had to hear it first. He really liked it and played it in his car for me out of the blue. I cannot even describe how I felt at that moment we danced to that song excepts to say my son, the song, the moment was magical.

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11/13/2014 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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