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Greetings all...the wife and I decided take a trip down to Glenside, Pa. to see hometown hero Todd Rundgren perform at the Keswick Theater. It's been awhile since Todd has been home so we weren't about to miss the chance to see him...our last Todd show was last year in Ohio after we had spent a week with he and his family at Toddstock II V6.5 at Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana. Needless to say the show was a sellout...the Keswick is such a great venue for a show...not a bad seat in the house. The first thing I noticed while I was setting up my camera were the 2 stools on for Todd and one for Kasim...I know that Todd has had problems with his knee and we all know Kas has had ankle injuries and the gave the show a more "at home" feel to it for us. Being that this was the 3rd show of the tour Todds' voice was spot on and the band seemed very tight even tho Prairie wasn't with them...Jesse Gress played some fantastic guitar throughout the show and Kas provided his solid support as always. As for Todd...he seemed like he was in a great mood and he was very talkative...and why shouldn't he have been? He came home and I'm sure it felt good to see his Mom Ruth...we gathered at the OC bar and there was talk that Ruth would be attending the show...we couldn't confirm or deny that...we didn't see her but she could have been backstage. The setlist including encore entailed 19 we got our fill of Todds music for the is that setlist:
Tra La La Song
Love of the common Man
Running Bear (Big Bopper)
I Don't Want To Tie You Down
Black &White
Muskrat Love
I Saw the Light (Bossa Nova)
Fire (Crazy World of Arthur Brown)
The Viking Song
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Born to Synthesize (Jazz Version)
Have a Little Fun
Endless Prairie (Lorne Greene)
Hello It's Me
One World
Our seats were kind of back a ways from the stage but as I said earlier every seat in the Keswick is a good one...Todd was playing all Fenders during the night..."Foamy" was nowhere in sight. And the gathering we had at the OC bar was of the best things about going to a Todd show is that we are ALL one big is always good to renew old acquaintances and make new ones...good music and times...the things that no life should be without!!!!- Bob & Helen Merc PS....there is a triple-exposure picture I happened by accident when I was setting up my camera and once we looked at it we thought it was pretty cool...kinda like a Mt Rushmore of Todd asmy wife Helen said!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

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10/29/2014 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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