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The "Unpredictable" show certainly lived up to its potential---and it did NOT disappoint! Todd and the band took to the stage with high energy and in obvious good moods and did not let up during the course of the show. I reminded Todd after the show that this appearance was only his second solo show in the state of Mississippi---the first being the July 4, 1975 "July Jam" event in Jackson, MS when Utopia headlined in the Coliseum---and he said he had actually forgotten about that particular gig!

While the house was not full, the crowd on hand was enthusiastic. The Bluesville venue at the Horseshoe Casino really doesn't have a bad seat and is a great place for an intimate show. Highlights of the concert for me included a blistering "Black And White," a very souped-up "Song Of The Viking," a lovely "Compassion," a rousing cover of "Fire" (Arthur Brown) and, for me, the surprising "The Wheel" popping up. Ironically, the biggest ovation of the night was for the Clarence Carter cover, "Patches!" "Blow Me" has the crowd laughing and cheering, as well. And who would have thought TR would open up with Cheap Trick's "Hello There"?

Jesse Gress put down his usual amazing, virtuoso playing and Todd's voice was in excellent form. Kasim and Gregg Bendian were both stellar, as usual. No complaints from this 35 year fan.

Additionally, as mentioned, was able to chat at length with TR after the show and found him to be a complete and total gentleman with a great sense of humor---but, we all know that, right? It was, indeed, like talking to an old friend which I always felt Todd to be through his music: the soundtrack to some many of our lives. Also had a long talk with Gregg, another total gentlemen, and got a hug and a chat from Kasim in the hotel lobby as well.

Catch this show, friends. No, it's not all Todd's material. But it's fun, it's loud, it's exciting---and it's Rundgren. I'm thankful he is still out there on the road giving his all for the fans. Let's support him and the band who have---let's face it---given us spiritual fuel for so many years.

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10/26/2014 - Horseshoe Tunica-Bluesville - Robinsonville, MS

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