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Last Saturday, April 12, was a blast from the past! Jodi Waldshan-Fitzpatrick, Julie Feldman, Kelly Davis, Trish (?) and I arrived at Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale super early (1pm), and just like the old days, we lined up our beach chairs and proceeded to chill and chat--mostly about all things Todd Rundgren. It was one of those warm Florida days of heaven with 75 degree weather and a constant breeze! Niiiiice!

The boys in the bus showed up and eventually deboarded for sound check. We asked and Kas agreed to do a short birthday video for Jodi's kiddo who turned 16 that day! Very sweet of him to oblige; thanks, Kasim! Todd signed my Healing album and several other folks' memorabilia--thanks for your time, Todd!

We handed out cards for the Spirit of Harmony Foundation to those on line and brought some into the club as well. Thanks so much to the guy who came up to me and asked me for a bunch of cards!!! RIght on, brother!

The energy in the club was palpable! Smiling faces greeted me every which way I looked. Everyone was so happy to be there! Although there were some technical problems with Jesse's guitar, the audience was patient and more importantly, Todd didn't seem to hang onto irritation he might have felt--at least it wasn't noticeable to us! Maybe the excitement in the room was contagious and he felt the good vibes being generated in his direction.

The set list was already posted, so I won't print it again, but let me just say that Todd was ON! His voice was in great form. It is SOOOO wonderful when he is in good health and his vocals are superb. We left the club feeling elated, elevated, energized and eagerly looking forward to the final concert of the tour the following day in Clearwater.

Abby Rea joined Julie, Jodi & me for our cross-state jaunt to Clearwater. Kelly Davis caravaned in her hot blue Mustang! (Hot ride, Kelly! Dang!) We checked in at the Holiday Inn Express, freshened up quickly and joined Lynne Stone and Shelly & Jeremy Westbrooke for a delicious Thai dinner at Chiang Mai, just a couple of doors down from the Capitol Theatre. Joe Griesler and a couple of his friends sat near us (you have probably already seen the group picture). We heard that Todd and the boys were across the street at Tony's Pizza, but we didn't want to intrude on their pre-concert meal, so we behaved ourselves and stayed put.

When the doors opened at 6:30pm, I asked the management for permission to hand out the SOHF cards. By the time management asked Mary Lou, and we received the A-Okay, it was 7pm! The gals and I worked hard and handed out several hundred cards before the show started at 7:30pm. Kelly was manning the table in the lobby and replenished it when needed. Thanks to you all!

The show was just grrrrreat!!! Todd's voice was strong, rich and resonant throughout. He played piano beautifully--no, really!!! I finally got to hear "Big Weekend"--what a funny song! The biggest one you ever had, Todd? And with your very specific hand gestures--are you trying to tell us something, bud? Lol!!! The performance was just strong, strong, strong!!! EVERYONE I spoke to afterwards had nothing but praise and congrats for a great tour. We all love, Love, LOVED it!

We heard a rumor that Todd had an 11pm flight to catch, so since the show ended after 9, we "ass"u"me"d he just took off immediately after his final bow. We saw a bunch of people waiting outside the bus parked alongside the theatre, but figured Todd wouldn't be there, so we headed to a bar across the street for a wind-down beverage and thorough discussion and dissection of the concert(s). How surprised were we whenKim Williamson- Hostetter came in and told us Todd was outside the bus signing stuff?!? We yelled to the barkeep, "We'll be back!" and bolted to the bus and sure enough, there he was, surrounded by faithful fans, signing stuff and smiling away! We were ecstatic!!! Funnily, there was a security guard glued to Todd's side and a short barricade in front of Todd! Hmmmm...weird, but even that didn't dim our delight at the possiblity of getting a photograph taken with The Wizard! We waited our turn and nirvana was attained. Lol!!! I know, super corny, but I think you know...

Todd, you are amazing. We love you and your music soooooo much and we thank you for keep coming around and putting up with us. We'll happily put up with you as long as you'll let us! Lol!!! Have a blast on the Ringo tour this summer and at the Mythic Pacific Retreat in Cambria in August. One more time--thank you, thank you, thank you!

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