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We used to live in Greenville, SC but had never seen Todd play there before. I believe he was at the Handlebar some time in the mid 2000s and I think Kas also played a solo show there a few years back. The Greenville crowd was the rowdiest of the three shows we saw. Only about 175 reserved seats and a larger standing-room crowd in the venue, which combined with the bar in the back made for a noisy evening. Another strong performance although Todd's voice was just a bit rougher than its perfection the night before in Charlotte. Lorne Greene didn't make it into tonight's show (fortunately), but "Soul Brother" did.

A few minor snafus during the show -- Todd broke a string; screwed up the lyrics to "Too Far Gone", and knocked his iPad off its stand. Of course he recovered quickly and with good humor, all part of the charm. Commentary was again kept to a minimum -- no real banter or stories other than the Daft Punk/Grammy anecdote, which he seemed to rush through a bit this time. Perhaps the crew was anxious to wrap up and get on their way to Ft. Lauderdale? But still a very solid show, made all the more enjoyable by being back at the Handlebar and in Greenville, as well as bringing a good friend of ours along for her very first Todd show and she walked out a convert. We'd stopped into Horizon Records before the show and picked up a copy of "Hermit of Mink Hollow" on vinyl for $3 for our friend's listening pleasure. She'll be wearing out those grooves very quickly!

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4/10/2014 - Handlebar - Greenville, SC

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