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The Unpredictable show at the Carolina Theatre was a top shelf performance by the band of bad ass boys driving their bad ass toys of percussion, guitars, piano, and an i-pad. For some, the show catered to the faithful, to others it was an initiation. To all, this monday night show was a great way to kick start the week and saved us from a monotony of usual routines.

Aside from some of the predictable material, a really nice change of pace was the cover songs that were played. Most of the covers were of the AM radio hits variety of way back when (50's, 60s). Those of us who lived through Pre FM radio will recognize them and most likely relish those memories. Others who did not were probably left wondering what happened.

It was comical to listen about the experience of the Daft Punk grammy party with Todd and guests having to be pushed from one table to the next a couple of times because the tables happen to be reserved for someone else. Then Todd also shared a moment or two of satire with the audience in regards to his interaction with Paul McCartney being at this party which in my opinion was probably dead on the mark and confirmed my suspicions of Sir Paul.

This band of musicians Jesse Gress, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, and Prairie Prince never disappoints. Always a treat to see and hear them play. I hope to see them play many more times.

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4/07/2014 - Carolina Theatre - Durham, NC

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