Rams Head

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Sorry that this review is a little late, but I'm glad to be writing anyway! For me, the best thing about this show was that TR was enjoying himself. Great audience banter, and the miscues were all part of the fun. Not that miscues matter all that much, when Todd, Jesse, Kasim and Prairie are all pretty much joined at the hip having logged countless performance hours together. A highlight of the show came when John Ferenzik (sp?) from I believe the "Hits" tour, was invited onstage to back the band with some blues and some response playing to Todd's "scatting." It's always cool to see someone with an accomplished musical ear be able to replicate voiced notes, as John did for Todd on the piano. Very fun. I won't divulge the set list, in keeping with Todd's desire to keep things unpredictable, but he did sit at the piano for some songs, and that is always rewarding for me. I've always enjoyed it when Todd performs others' music, as he is always acknowledging his influences and interests, and it's clear that performing this way fulfills him also. So, at the end of the show when the gentleman at the table seated next to me said "He didn't play 'Hello It's Me'", I said, "Don't be surprised." Straying outside the known is always good for TR and for his fans also. This was a great, fun show. Can we get an "Amen" for unpredictability?

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3/23/2014 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD

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