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Well as usual Mr. Rundgren delivers. The best part of a first show on tour are some of the mistakes that occur during the show which makes it so real and comical. Some great songs from the past. His often time troubled Viking song with the usual antics and many great hits spanning his career. Lysistrata, The Wheel ( yup , finally, without the usual guy screaming the request) and my favorite Cliche. No more clues just GO.

He also had this Lorne Greene thing going on, comical, fun and extremely entertaining. And a Chris Christie dig, an athlete???

The one thing I found comical, which had nothing to do with the show per se, was that the mens room was filled with discussions of Proscar, and zinc supplements and not the usual , pass the joint.

I guess we are all getting older

As long as Mr. Rundgren keeps performing with his great music and wit, we will all still feel that youth in us, that his presence inspires and his music perpetuates!

Hats off Todd.

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3/22/2014 - The Newton Theatre - Newton, NJ

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