New Years Eve in Orlando, Fla

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I decided to drive down to Orlando from NC for this show. It wasn't as easy as my usual method (flying), but I had time for stops in SC and GA, so I figured why not. We got to Florida and met up with my good friend Keith Kaufman. We headed for the party on 12/30 and had a blast meeting Kasim Sulton and friends, plus making new friends.

On 12/31 came part two. We got to BB Kings and found a great place to stand on the floor. The show began and Pat Travers exploded into some great tunes including "Boom Boom Out Go The Lights" and "Statesboro Blues". I had not seen Pat since 1987 so it was great to see him again.

Now we get to Todd. After a short intermission, the show started as did the hits. The show turned out to be a "Best of" event similar to what we had seen on the "Unpredictable Tour" (with a few adjustments). I won't get into analyzing the set list here, but I can say that Todd's voice was strong and clean and the band was perfect. I heard someone say that "Hawking" was the best version he'd ever heard and I can agree (with the possible exception of the night I heard it on the "A Capella Tour" in 1985). Every song was strong. There was an amazing vibe in the air and everyone had a great time including the band. Todd really seemed to enjoying himself. Thanks again to Doug Ford (the promoter) for a wonderful evening. Putting shows together is not easy and (as always) he along with Cruiser Mel did a great job. So we'll see you in September, "Cause There's Always More".

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