KENT - 9/1/13

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I never thought I'd use the phrase, "One for the Ages," but it certainly applied to this perfect show. Between the orchestra performance, the nite b4 in Akron & the fact that this was the last US show of the year, in front of many true Utopians, there was something special in the air during this one.

I couldn't have hand-picked the set list any better & the inclusion of Courage was the icing on the RR birthday cake. We got em' all, including Flaw, Expresso & a most moving version of Hawking.

The sound quality was excellent, esp. the vocals & Todd introduced John Ferenzik 1st, after almost forgetting to mention him the nite b4. ("Outa sight outa mind")

Sitting 2 seats to my right was Kris Pippi Kovach, whom I'd never met, but have to say, in my 40+ years of attending Todd concerts, she may or may not be the greatest fan ever, but she's the best in-concert fan I've ever seen.

She rocked, danced, laughed, cried & was on top of every single note.

To have enjoyed the State, Orchestra & An Evening with TR shows, all in 1 summer, was pretty amazing.

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