SPACE Evanston, IL 8/29/13

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So tired, not much sleep, had to work, that's why I didn't go to Milwaukee as much as I wanted too, would have had to drive by myself, work in the am and three nights in a row doing this unfortunately is a bit too much. Weekends are different of course. A bit of traffic, bad accident. Got there, great food! Saw a lot of the same people of course! Some had decided to do one Chicago show though as they were also going to the Akron and Kent shows in Ohio. I unfortunately could not go to Ohio as much as I wanted too but again, sometimes we have to pick and choose. I have been very lucky.

Again, had a GREAT table, thank you Nancy & Tracy!!! I could sit or stand as no one was behind us. Perfect! Todd's voice was a little raspy tonight but to be expected, 6 shows in Japan, flying, then 3 nights in a row this week can be rough on the voice BUT I truly thought he sounded AMAZING after ALL that! He mentioned the 3 nights in a row and said it wasn't our fault of course. Also, mentioned last night (certain crowd members) and I believe he said it was an interesting night. To say the least!

I swear, something always happens, we were seated at our table and shortly after this a much older women decides that she is going to stand behind our table, standing on top of wires that our pretty important. Anyway, management was extremely kind and took care of the problem (no one was suppose to be there) but before she left she said to us, your bald, your fat, your ugly and I'm thinking, is this how it's going to be tonight?! Ignorant people all over again!!! I just focused on the great songs that I was going to be hearing!

The show was EXCELLENT! The crowd was Fantastic! Everyone really had a good time! I'm glad people were excited about Drive as much as I was! That's a hard song to sing. Todd was in great form, still wish he wouldn't kick up his legs in "Couldn't I Just Tell You", makes me nervous, those guitars are heavy. It's always great seeing the Todd friends that I know at these shows. Even better when they have the exact same feeling for the show as I did. It was fun talking about it afterwards. It was worth going through all the b.s. to see these two shows. I know some people that wouldn't. I don't blame them at all. For the moment, I do. Well, have to struggle through one more day of work. Have fun in Ohio my friends, wish I could be there!

A Dream Goes On Forever...

Rock Love, Karen

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8/29/2013 - Space - Evanston, IL

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