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The first night of the Evanston shows was a revelation; I'd almost forgotten how magical it is when he just . . sings! And man, was he singing this night . . obviously pacing himself, a little tentative in the beginning, but by "Hawking" he was in magnificent form . . as was the whole band! The setlist was fun, songs from all corners of the Rundgren universe.

Now I liked, but didn't love, the State tour, but it's incredible to me that he could have these two tours running almost at the same time. Still my favorite artist and still a genius.

Can I have a word about the audience? Rude seems to be such a norm now, but honestly, if you're in the front tables, drunk and standing, waving your arms and pantomiming every single song (in the section where everyone is sitting), stopping only to take your shoes off and rest your bare feet on the stage . . . the disrespect to performer and audience is unbelievable. Classy.

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8/28/2013 - Space - Evanston, IL

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