Review for Todd's Evanston SPACE 8/28

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My husband Doug and I flew up from Fort Lauderdale to catch Milwaukee and the first Evanston show. We had an absolutely f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c time at both! The past few years we've been lucky to catch many of Todd's shows in different cities -- that is a TON of fun to do - quick getaways that revive the soul (and quite a few other things!). We were like goofy kids hanging out after we got our will-call tickets in the afternoon... just walking around and all-the-sudden hearing "Buffalo Grass" streaming out from a cracked-open stage, that was like a naughty treat!! I've got a video just staring at the door crack while Todd and the guys are doing their sound check... I will treasure this special video as it has the power to bring me immediately back to that sunny, hot day in Milwaukee (the night proved even hotter, but no video!)

Todd's energy is unbelievable....really... I truly appreciate all his and the bands efforts - we loved both shows but really enjoyed the energy of the crowd in Evanston... as always, Todd's fans are so polite and kind! Unfortunately, we didn't know that general admission meant the standing room behind the front rows of tables. So, unknowing, we arrived behind throngs of standing people so even with my five-inch heels I could barely see over the guys infront of me. Maybe that was a good thing as it allowed me better vision to pick up the guitar pic that Todd flung out to the crowd...but, I would have traded that in a heartbeat for a better visual of all the guys in the band, including Todd! Still, the music was a total thrill and we hope he keeps touring so we can keep on following his tours for years to come!

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8/28/2013 - Space - Evanston, IL

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