SPACE Evanston, IL 8/28/13

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Perfume bottle broken, (not mine) running late, (not really) far drive, traffic not bad, remember how to get there, whew! We made it!!! Great parking, and very nice people running into before we went in. SPACE is a great place to go to, great people, great food and you don't have to worry about big burly guys getting in your way except now that I think about it, we could have used one tonight.

Unfortunately, for most people they had to stand, there were tables but not nearly as many as last time so if someone was tall in front of you I don't think they would have had a good view. I was lucky enough to have a Fantastic table and I was very very grateful, thank you, Tracy!

The show and set list was EXCELLENT/FANTASTIC!!! Todd's voice was WOW! The set list was AMAZING!!! Two not so good things which has nothing to do with Todd is the dancing people in the front of the stage and the guy who wouldn't stop talking loudly over Todd while Todd was playing! The concert is NOT ABOUT YOU, it's about TODD and people need to be more considerate of others around them! I don't even stand (as much as I want too) unless people are standing up around me. I noticed Doug from RR sending out an email to everyone about this very same thing concerning the Akron show. Even Todd mentioned something about it the next night.

The set list was one of the BEST I have ever seen in 35 years! I can only hope that Todd would come around again with this tour but in my heart it's probably doubtful. So if you missed it, it was a GREAT loss if you are a Todd fan.

Determination, Flaw, Hawking, Lost Horizon!!! I WANT YOU / DRIVE - OMG!!!

Encore: HELLO IT'S ME & A DREAM GOES ON FOREVER which I used to listen too over and over again! Thanks Todd for coming to Chicago as some of us have to pick and choose which shows we can come too, so glad you brought this one here!

Rock Love, Karen

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8/28/2013 - Space - Evanston, IL

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