Evanston Space show on August 28th

Review by Billy Dale (Switch to

I was very impressed with the Acoustics and size of this venue. Very, very intimate. The service was great as well. Lin Bremer who is and has been my favorite Chicago radio personality for many years on WXRT introduced Todd Rundgren, I knew from that point forward it was going to be a great night!!

The boys were tight and sounded amazing!! Highlights for me were Buffalo Grass, Courage and Drive. Todd does the solo on the end of Courage, Jessie goes solo in the middle. Note, Jessie should never do a solo, just does not compare to Todd. Todd's voice was great and his showmanship really looked like we were in 1981 mode. The guy has an amazing amount of energy!! As long as Todd is playing, I am going!!

I agree with Paul on crowd rudeness. Really, it was only one person. There was a heavy set woman in the front who thought she was part of the show. She really made a lot of people angry. The management moved her table back at one point, but she didn't get the hint!! Memo, to this woman if you read these reviews, stay out of Chicago!! We probably won't be as nice next time!!

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8/28/2013 - Space - Evanston, IL

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