Calvin Theater in Northampton

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Having last seen Todd during the Arena tour at the Iron Horse in Northampton, I was looking forward to seeing him in this small theater. My 24 year old son, Phil, bought me the tickets for my birthday and it was his first Todd show. Having read the songlist, I thought this was a good first Todd show for Phil to see. Todd certainly did not disappoint. The band was tight and Todd's voice sounded excellent. The songlist was the same. I thought the show slowed down a bit when Todd did his set from the stool. But as usual he shared his wit and humor with the crowd. My personal highlights were Determination, Luck Guy, Fatal Flaw (enjoyed the audience participation), Drive and Couldn't I Just Tell You (the leg kicks brought back Utopia memories). Overall a great night. I asked Phil after the show if he had recognized any of the songs. He acknowledged remembering hearing some of them growing up when I was constantly playing Todd in my car. Having seen many mainstream bands with Phil like Chevelle, Staind, and Seether with Phil, his text the next day to me pretty much summed up the show. It read "Todd rocks."

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8/16/2013 - Calin Theatre - Northampton, MA

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