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A major disappointment in MYSELF, and the rest of the "Jersey Strong" crowd of blowing the opportunity to yell at the top of our lungs Mother Fucker during Fatal Flaw. OH seemed to have dashed hopes and said so immediately following the song. Perhaps Hurricane Sandy did get the best of us??

Never the less, set list was similar to the Boston show except no 'You Cried Wolf" and "All Jacked Up" instead. Todd mentioned how the band is not keen on playing that song, so why would they? His vocals to me, seemed a little tired the first few songs, but they got stronger and stronger as the night went on. Played Robert Johnson's "Kind Hearted Woman" which was a real treat as he ripped up Foamy. Not much banter with the crowd, went straight from one song to another unless instruments were changed or Todd's chair and props being brought out onto the stage. He did tell a ditty about how his unpredictability has concert promoters quite confused. Don't they look at discography's?

Kas came in a little early on encore #1 and the band had to restart the song. Then there was a little bobble on " A Dream Goes on Forever". Todd threatened to fire the whole band then and there, subtle, but funny.

All in all, this was a tremendous show. The band seeming to enjoy themselves, crowd very much into it (despite my first observation), great venue which seemed filled and excellent sound from my vantage point. You'll hear songs you probably never have heard performed live before, just a real fun evening. Go see this show.

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