Boston's Wilbur Theatre

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Todd and the band were fantastic last night! Show was at the Wilbur Theatre (cap. 1200) in Boston.

Estimated crowd was 800-900 patrons. This was the kind of concert that decades ago would have made Todd a household name. Set list (as I remember it):

1) Real Man 2) Love of the Common Man 3) Buffalo Grass 4) Lucky Guy 5) You Cried Wolf

6) It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (Bossa Nova Style) 7) Soul Brother 8) Lost Horizon 9) Ohh Baby, Baby

10) I'm So Proud 11) What's Going On 12) Fatal Flaw 13) Can We Still Be Friends?

14) Hawking 15) I Saw the Light 16) Determination 17) Courage 18) Drive 19) Couldn't I Just Tell You

20) Hello, It's Me (middle eight Bossa Nova Style) 21) A Dream Goes on Forever

Todd's vocals were amazing; where does he get the energy? He talked about Australia, Fenway Park, Jet lag & his fondness for Boston. Plenty of interaction. I'm a die hard and go to every TR show that comes around but if you're looking for an amazing trip down memory lane, this is for you!!!

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8/02/2013 - Wilbur Theatre - Boston, MA

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