Agoura Hills show 7-11-13

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First of all I have been a Todd fan for 40 Yeats. I have seen many Todd shows, solo, with or without a band, in great voice, really sick with almost no voice. I know that Todd is a technical wizzard, and a major talent in and out of the studio.

I understand an artists need to reinvent their musical pallet.

The music he is playing on this tour is terrible. I have never felt like walknig out of a show before (any show) but this one came close.

I'm not a techno fan, with over blown base, lyrics you can't hear, canned baseline, and backrouond singers. I felt like I walked into a disco in Spain with soap suds falling down from the roof.

I understand it can get boring playing the same songs over and over thousands of times. I understand the need to freshen them up, or write new music, but this was just too much in my humble opinion.

I whent outside to smoke on several occasions, and many people had the same opinion. One guy I was talking with said "I didn't sign up for this shit", and I couldn't aggree more. Had I taken the time to read a couple of reviews, and listened to any of the new album, I would have never gone to see this show(my bad)

Todd has been one of my musical heroes for a long time, and I love most of his music. but you can bet your ass I will do my homework before I attend another one of his shows.

I was very dissapointed, and wish I could get my money, and the two hours I wasted back.

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7/11/2013 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

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