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I saw Phoenix 7/5 and this one, and will be there tonight (7/11/2013) in Agoura. I can understand why some fans are disappointed. This is different. Try to enjoy these shows for what they are instead of what they aren't. You'll get something more in line with your expectations next tour.

These shows are so much fun. I haven't danced so much at a Todd show maybe ever (over 100 and not counting).

The thing I would change is I'd like Todd to play more guitar. But what we get here is a great show, with some true surprises. Scorching versions of Secret Society, No World Order, World Wide Epiphany, plus a couple tunes from Liars, and first ever performance of Personality Crisis!

This is really a rocking show. The backing tracks don't bother me, and Jesse & Prairie play great, as always. There's no banter between tunes, just a kickass show, with great momentum.

Would it be better with Kasim? Sure, but he's working with Blue Oyster Cult right now, and will be back in a few days. Get over it.

Would it be better with your favorite tunes? Sure. Just bask in the wondrous glory of live Todd, and be glad he's still touring at 65.

Oh, yeah, the voice is really great too. That's the main thing, he's singing his ass off, and some great new tunes. Sorry you don't like them. I do. So Ping Me.

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7/09/2013 - St. Rocke - Hermosa Beach, CA

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