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My wife and I are from Prescott Arizona and traveled the 2 hours to the show after a very emotional week. Our hometown was and is still reeling from the tragic loss of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. Just 2 weeks earlier, that same crew had helped put out the Dosie Pit Fire on Granite Mountain, for which we had evacuated our home. She got the last seat on the wooden bleachers and I stood front and center of the stage. I have really enjoyed the State album. To me, it is nothing new. Todd pioneered electronica in the early 70's. Listening to the electronic songs on the "Todd" album especially, but others from that era, will confirm the groove and mood are the same. Of course he has grown light years artistically and technically since. Imagination was a great opener and grabbed the attention of some around me who were unfamiliar with the new stuff in a positive way. Hearing songs from Liars was great as I missed that tour. He picked up his guitar for Secret Society, but it seemed like something was wrong, anyway Jesse sizzled the guitar parts. I agree with others that Angry Bird is actually better live. Ping Me is my favorite melodic beauty on the new album and it was well played. World Wide Epiphany was the biggest surprise for me. I am not a huge fan of New World Order but that song in this set of songs was a great choice. Todd pounded his way to the end. He forgot a line in Sir Reality, but played the intro on guitar. The hits after the walk off were not my favorite twists on the songs, but they are his to do whatever he wants with. Perhaps sacred to me, but his creation. I think we have learned there are no walls he does not bulldoze down creatively. We left the concert still feeling our pain of loss, but it was nice to once again be in the presence of musical genius for the evening.

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