Boulder Theater Review State Tour 2 July 2013

Review by Michael MacLauchlan (Switch to

After dragging my feet - in general being lackadaisical about this tour- I drove the 40 minutes to the Boulder Theater, found a parking spot, bought a $30 ticket from a personal seller outside the theater. Despite being about 30 minutes to show time, I walked up to the not-too-crowded stage to have a look. I met fellow fan Brent (sorry to have missed you Z-man), and settled in (about 15' back from the stage). I believe TR has played the Boulder Theater at least 4 times: solo, The New Cars, Arena (DVD filmed there) and now State. I estimate about 7 to 800 tix sold for the State show -- a very good turn out indeed. I do enjoy electronic music and found myself enjoying this show. The light efx were overpowering; the sound too (glad I brought ear plugs). I think part of my laziness has to do with attending GA shows - these days, I prefer to sit. The set list is well known, the stage-audience banter was minimal - the show went well. I did not see any early departures and I think a good time was had by all.

Here are some professional pix and a review of the Boulder show (thx TRiFan)

Or you can visit my FB site for more cell phone pix here (you don't need a FB account to view). I see that many of this pix from this tour look similar, so in addition to the usual pix, I took some post show of the gear:

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7/02/2013 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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