Todd R, State, London Sheppards Bush Empire

Review by Marilyn Cowdry (Switch to

Sheppards Bush Empire was well attended and everyone had a great time! I was in the top level and the sound and lights were excellent.

Todd was in great heart and he gave his usual dig about the UK weather, it had

been raining again!

This show is Fun and thanks to Todd for coming to the UK again.

The more you listen to State, the more you get out of it, Todd moves forward with his intelligence and is always being brave with the directions he takes with his music, and for me is the only person I go out to see not knowing what to expect which is half the fun.

From State I can see Todd is still very creative and has many more statements to make to us, and I await the next chapter!


An idea for the next chapter next year. 'Todd Rundgren Divine'.

An ultimate statement on all kinds of Love. From the, love for our baby, our children, our partners, our parents, ourselves, how the passion of love breaks down and how we all need to move to the one Divine love and help each other. We all need healing!

See you next year Todd.

Best wishes to all the Todd family, Marilyn

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6/15/2013 - Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK

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