London, State tour, 2013

Review by Eliot Aitken (Switch to

"Tom who?" my wife's friend asked her when she told her she was down to see Todd play the Shepherds Bush Empire.

It's so sad that this master of his art is not more widely known.

I've seen too many negative reviews from these shows and I'm not quite sure why. They shouldn't even be published. Throw them in the trash as soon as they appear. Everyone at this show seemed to be partying as if there lives would depend on it.

The State shows have been a testament to the mans versatility. Not just as a tour but individually they were all a different experience.

The sound quality, the lighting show, Prairies risiculously awesome beats Jessies virtuoso guitar playing, and od course Todd's sensational voice made this an experience none of us right minded music fans will ever forget.

In recent years, we've had Liars, Aren, Ethel, State, Metropole, Johnson, AWATS, TRs Utopia, the so-called "Greatest Hits" and the one that sums the man up perfectly - "The Unpredictable Todd Rundgren". What ever shall we be treated to next??

There is always more! (Thank f***)

Eliot Aitken, Aberdeen, Scotland

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6/15/2013 - Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK

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