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I could cut and paste Jon Clarkes Manchester review as an accurate reflection of the London show. The only exception being that far less than half the London show audience seemed to appreciate it. Indeed, I felt I was in The Twilight Zone as I looked around the balcony at so many motionless people (myself included) seemingly hypnotised in disbelief at this dysmal and self indulgent performance. I have attended Todd shows thoughout Europe and several in the USA since 1975 and have never been disappointed until now. This was an absolute shocker and a real first for me. Never before have I walked out of a Rundgren performance before the end. The "techno rape" of "Can we still be Friends?" left me and many other long time fans with little alternative. We may be gone for some time.

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6/15/2013 - Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK

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