Todd Official State UK Tour - Gateshead UK 11-06-2013

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Everyone should go to the State Show - don't miss it.

Thoroughly enjoyable with hardly a glitch, a good mix of generations in attendance, the audience receptive and appreciative of the new refreshing song craft of STATE with some more familiar songs, which blended nicely with the State material, (Liars, N.W.O.).

You have to admire Todd for the energy, the progression of his craft and not standing still - always different. The pioneer that he is with today's digital technology to the fore, the delivery through the Sage PA perhaps streaming through from Todd's Apple notebook via Microsoft 8's or pro-tools was something. How is that sound delivered?

With Prairie not missing a beat and the eclectic sounds from Jessie's guitar truly amazing, on Sir Reality. Having, followed Todd's music for over some 40 odd years it's still a fresh and rewarding experience attending a Todd show, in an all too familiar, fleeting moment.

I'm so happy I made the effort and attended the show at Gateshead, as we were due to attend Edinburgh but due to unforeseen illness could not attend.

However, went on my todd (no pun intended) on Tuesday and as I had a look around the Sage, Jessie was doing some shopping, what to do! swallow your foolish pride and stick out your hand and say "hello it's me" after plucking up the courage, I'm pleased I did, a very pleasant experience meeting Mr Jessie Gress. However, I probably came over as a bit of a blubbering fan but a very nice experience meeting Jessie.

Thank you Todd, Jessie and Prairie for coming back to the UK, a memorable experience for me, one I will treasure always. Till the next time, hope it's soon.

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6/11/2013 - The Sage - Gateshead, UK

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