Manchester 9th June review

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After 40 years of going to see Todd, this is really the low point. The presentation of the show was fine, but sadly his new album performed here tonight, along with re-interpretations of some older songs, is a collection of music which shouldn't get in any collection of any Todd fan, and sound like they originated from some inexperienced kid trying out a new Casio keyboard in his bedroom. The techno pop rock style is so dated and done badly, and loudness is not a substitute for quality. True about half the small audience seemed to like the show, but compare this to say the AWATS tour which played to packed venues with 10 times more fans, this really shows how wrong Todd has gone with his latest offering. Even the closing "I saw the light" was so mauled by the re- interpretation, it barely seemed like the song, and was just like some poor Japanese tribute act doing a 90's techno pop version. Todd had always tried to be innovative in his career but this was nothing like that, just a jump back to a genre that should never be in his repertoire, not now nor 20 years ago. Todd is just so out of touch it seems. It it ironic that the style of his early solo music (Runt/Ballad/Something) is now so popular with today's younger generation, yet his new offering is so dated. With Todd's 65th due in less than 2 weeks, maybe it is time he collect his pension.

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6/09/2013 - The Ritz - Manchester, UK

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