todd state paradiso amterdam 06-04-2013

Review by Ben Mossing Holsteijn (Switch to

I have the State cd of course. I've heard it, but never listened to it very well. Sometimes you just want to hear the old stuff. But this great concert inspired me to really listen to the cd. And it's way better than I thought at first. Admirable that he can renew his music and style over and over again. He IS the Wizard. My images are this time two analog pinhole images. The circumstances where very difficult, almost impossible for a pinhole image. Probably the first pinhole images of Todd and the legs of Prairie?! For the lovers of analog film: Black and white film developed in Caffenol-C, instant coffee, vitaminC powder en washing soda, scanned in rgb. Have fun for the rest of the Tour.

All the best, Ben Mossing Holsteijn

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6/04/2013 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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