Review 06/04/13 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Let me give a brief review of this concert as well. However it's more or less a summary of what Herman Roovers wrote: good CD, bad concert.

The main issue of the concert was: it was far too loud, ridiculously far too loud. I wasn't prepared for that and we didn't have ear plugs. So after putting rolled up wet paper in our ears we tried to enjoy the concert but failed to do so. Our ears were aching more and more and we left after an hour or so. Let me repeat that: we left a Todd concert!

The next morning I still had squeaking ears. When we left the Paradiso venue I asked the staff why it was so extremely loud. They simply told me they were also amazed earlier that day during the sound check about the high volume, but it was a direct order of Todd to keep it that way.

There was another thing to mention. Todd had to stay close to his computer and microphone, resulting in very little interaction with the audience. It was like watching someone playing his favourite CDs.

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6/04/2013 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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