Malmö Debaser review

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When we arrived a relaxed Todd was hanging out with the fans in Debaser's outdoor bar -- appropriately named The Garden State. Audience probably didn't count more than 200 souls, however I was pleased to see that a good handful of Danish fans like myself had crossed the long bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden. Show got off to a rocky start when Todd pressed the wrong button, starting over again things got off the ground with Imagination loud over the PA. As the barely 90 min. long show had a pronounced elektronica-feel, Todd (in addition to the selections from State) presented us with songs from Liars, (Re)Production and even No World Order that seemed made to order. Ping Me, Sir Reality and Secret Society (nice guitar work from Todd and Jesse) where some of the stand outs for me. Todd's gimmick with the hanging mic caused some trouble and the HP touch screen controlling the show didn't take kindly to Todd's sweaty fingers. "We're giving you our special show," Todd joked. Todd was in fine voice and Man can he make an audience dance! You couldn't quite shake the feeling that Prarie and Jesse tagged along mostly for the sake of the visual side of things, rather than from any real necessity -- the majority of the music being pre recorded. However whenever required they stepped up to the mark and delivered their stuff. The very basic house lights on the Debaser stage was nowhere near as fancy as the lightshows on display in the US venues, but all in all a fun show with the Wizard in great shape -- hard to believe he'll turn 65 next month!

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5/29/2013 - Debaser - Malmo, Sweden

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