Malmö Debaser Review

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Here's some random notes: Jesse was kind enough to get my cd signed by all three. False start on Imagination. Mic stand loose due to Todd's wild dancing on his platform, at one point his guitar fell off its stand. The platform was for drums (they usually sit down) but since Todd was standing he got very close to the lights above him and was sweating a lot. The stage & the room was hot as a sauna (this was not the Helsinki gig). PP had a fan so I guess he didn't suffer as much. Several times Todd started the wrong song on his screen and said "We're using a new system here, a System of a Down" and "My fingers are wet". Same setlist. PP had a bit of trouble knowing where 1 was in the intro to Angry Birds. Both Todd and JG used a wedge for monitor, only PP used in-ears.

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5/29/2013 - Debaser - Malmo, Sweden

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