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It was a perfect spring evening in Minneapolis waiting in line outside the Theater reminded me of my youth waiting in anticipation for the show. It was an intimate setting Todd and the band came out the gate rocking with Imagination. The sound of the synthesizers made for a huge crystal clear sound with lush textures. Todd's voice was in perfect condition. His energy level was non stop. The flow of the songs was nice along with the song selection. Jesse Gress looked like someone out of a Star Trek movie with his get up. Prairie Prince was solid on the electric drum set. I can describe this show best with one word Fun! I got to dance with my Wife, spend time with my friends and Todd delivered the goods with a cutting edge sound performing complex material and looked like he was having fun. It's hard to believe he's 65 years old. A great way to spend a Mon. evening. There was one minor glitch with Foamy not working in Secret Society Jesse covered the lead guitar and they didn't miss a beat. I really like the State CD and it was nice hearing some Liars and No World Order, material. Go to this show shake your ass and have some fun. Clear!

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5/20/2013 - Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN

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