Park West Hopefest 5/19/13 review

Review by Tracy Wooldridge (Switch to

I had high hopes for "State" after "Arena".... I brought a Todd newbie to Hopefest and had really sold her on how great his is - how engaging, funny, and how soulful some of his stuff has been. I was so embarrassed by his performance - really bad dance music, repetitive lyrics, exagerated hand motions, and very bright annoying lights! People were leaving in droves and I wish I had been one of them, but I hung in there hoping he would play some of the great old songs but when he did they too were performed with a dance beat!

If Todd didn't have such a compelling 40 year history it might have been my last show.... it was an expensive evening.

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5/19/2013 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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