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Bought the State CD when released.....and with a couple of review checks....had a good idea what to expect: the unexpected. With the reviews being mostly pessimistic....did not read them all. Feared that he may not pull "it" off. On a beautiful Sunday the trio of my daughter, son, and I set off south to Chicago. First time at Park West in a very eclectic neighborhood on the north side, although I had been lost in the past searching for this venue. We had the gen admission tickets so the 'youngest in the crowd' and I grabbed a spot in the balcony. Kids amused themselves during the blues portion. But when Todd and his trio came aboard we were glued.

I for one, and all, loved it. Best light show he has put on in years. His voice was strong and clear and I enjoyed the song selection.....mostly all contained from within the NWO through the Liars and onto the State years....but with the emotionally sentimental Secret Society thrown in for measure, AND we were treated to his guitar once again . He also played Prime Time from the Tubes album of which he produced. My favorite preferences were New World Order and WW Epiphany where he nailed the crescendo scream. These two songs have some of the best parental advice put to lyrics. These messages he has laid down for us in the past, and currently, shape many intellectual, moral, spiritual, and political perspectives for those endeared. I can't thank Todd enough for his stimulating provocative musings. Also thanks to Jessie and Prairie. I will come to revere the State project as I have done with all of Todd's endeavors. The older crowd was treated to the songs they came to hear at the encore ( I Saw The Light, Hello It's Me, and Can We Still Be Friends ) but with a techno twist. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly that evening and walking around town afterwards encountered a kindred soul and we walked away being mentally expanded in a good way. We giggled and nodded when the knowledgeable tech savvy Toddsters of mine insinuated that their impression of Todd was that "he must have been tripping" what with all of his theatrical movements.... High on life being a State of mind.

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5/19/2013 - Park West - Chicago, IL

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