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I thought I would combine reviews of the recent State shows that took place in Columbus and Cincy and give a compare and contrast overview of them.

Both shows setlists were identical but that comparison pretty much ends there. The Columbus show was spot on. The pacing of the setlist is exactly what, I believe, tr is after. Give it that dance club feel with little to no pause between songs. Just keep them coming in until everyone's tongues are hanging out. Can't say that for the Cincy/Bogarts show. We had a couple of restarts on Worldwide Epiphany, a miss timing at the start of the call and return on Collide A Scope and nothing out of foamy on Secret Society. Thank goodness for Jesse on that tune though. He left the Bogarts crowd smokin' after he got done with that one.

The C'bus show was reserved seating which I thought was a little odd for a show that featured the techno dance Todd. TR fans are, for the most part, pretty respectful of their fellow concert goers. That made it tough if you wanted to get up and shake it at your seat for fear of blocking others views. The pit area toward the end of the show saw most everyone up and moving though.

On the other hand, Cincy was general admission and standing for Todd, Jesse and Prairie. I felt that really helped get the crowd pumped and moving. Even in spite of some of the tech issue, the crowd and Todd never lost a beat. The choreographed lighting, which is a big part of the show, was also much more effective at Lifestyles Community Pavillion in Columbus. LCP is roomier and more spacious than the rectangular setting of Bogarts and it's lower ceiling.

Both shows were a lot of fun. I heard no one complaining and I saw no one leave either show.

And one last comparison that both shows had in common. OH took the time to come out after each show to meet the faithful, sign autographs and take pictures. So gracious of him to do so and so appreciative by those who stuck around afterward to meet OH. Thanks Todd.

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5/18/2013 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH

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