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TR was engaged and focused for the entire show. Best I've seen him perform since he supported his unrecognized masterpiece 'Liars.' Sound was nice and LOUD too; great venue for a great musician. Set list was nicely done. I would have preferred the two songs off of State that he did not play (In My Mouth, Something From Nothing) instead of the couple re-makes or old popular songs played in the encore, but absolutely no complaints from this attendee.

The great thing about this artist is that he is a craftsman who is not content with the same old sounds. This man is 60+ years old with an ever expanding Imagination and is still challenging himself and his listeners with new sounds and unique lyrics. And by the way, he still can (and did) rip off a guitar riff as good as anyone. He will always tour in support of his latest effort. It's been his MO for 30+ years, hasn't it!? I think most fans would prefer this, too. At least that's what I tell myself....

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5/14/2013 - Kent Stage - Kent, OH

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