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I have two words for Todd's new tour, Vibrant and Relevant. Todd was having fun and clearly was enjoying performing for us. It is also music and versions of old songs that brings Todd right up to 2013. Personally, I thought tonight was the best Todd show in recent memory. Having seen Todd about 200 times, including every tour he has ever done, it is moments like this that I wait for.

Here is the setlist, which was in different order from the previously posted one

Collide A Scope
Secret Society
Angry Bird
Ping Me
Prime Time
No World Order
Nothing To Lose
Party Liquor
Personality Crisis
Worldwide Epiphany
Sir Realty
Encore  techno Can We Still Be Friends, Saw The Light, Hello Its Me
First of all, the new music from State is absolutely fantastic. It sounds great, it is fun, and translates really well live. It is music that gets you up and dancing. Party Liquor and Angry Bird stand out as the best but they were all stunning. Secret Society is nothing less than a total treat for his fans who "get it" Thank you Todd for that. The TRI tunes, Worldwide and World Order were great to hear again and fit right into the theme, as did the Liars tunes Future and Truth. The covers, all Todd produced songs by the Tubes, Ian Hunter and New York Dolls were perfect in rendition and to the theme spirit. Personality Crisis was incredible. Overall, the club DJ Odd theme carried a mood and feeling that, once again, left me thinking, Todd, this is why you are the best and my favorite. It was something new, something special and displayed Todd's career diversity that keeps bringing us back every time. His voice was perfect, the band, Prairie and Jessie were awesome as always, and the entire SOLD OUT venue had a fantastic evening. PS the orange State tee shirts are really nice.

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5/14/2013 - Kent Stage - Kent, OH

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