Paramount Show, Huntington, NY

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Having seen Todd on most of his tours dating back to 1974, I have to say that this was unlike any other Todd concert I've gone to. He's obviously challenged his audience with some of his most recent albums and tours. I can imagine that it'd be pretty easy and potentially lucrative to trot out a "nostalgic evening" every time out. God knows that enough artists from my youth have really turned into oldies acts (the current Yes tour comes to mind). I'm so glad that Todd isn't willing to always do that, despite the Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Healing, AWATS, and Todd shows of recent years.

It's the shows promoting the new albums like State, Arena, and Liars that excite me. It's great to know that the same creative spark that drove those terrific and memorable shows and albums 35-40 years ago is still there and still creating stimulating music and live presentations. As others have mentioned, it's inspiring to see a near 65 year old "shake it". At 57, I'm hoping that I'll be as willing to be doing it then too.

The show seemed relatively glitch free except for a re-boot on Truth and a fluffed lyric in one or two spots. I loved hearing things from Liars and No World Order, particularly the great Future. I really like most of State, and was happy to hear most of it live. A couple of wish-list songs that would've/could've/should've worked in this context are Today from Arena, Wondering from Liars, and Out of My Mind from Re-Production. Would've taken any of them over the NY Dolls tune.

The biggest downer was that many of the audience members seemed largely unable or unwilling to go along for the ride with DJ Odd. Haven't seen if that came across on the pay per view, but lots of people seemed content to just sit or stand when dancing or at least moving a little bit was the order of the evening.

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5/12/2013 - Paramount Theater - Huntington, NY

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