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This show was a reminder of the depth of Todd's brilliance .To analyze the relevance is like trying to explain gravity , this fun and exciting show made me feel good inside and out. Todd has quite a vast array of musical ideas that come out in this format. It really has had quite and effect on me and made me think about the future of musical performances by everybody. I cant wait to see it live but my hat is off to the production company and Todd Rundgrens lighting as well.As far as the lyrics of the new material seems to co-mingle well with revisited material. It is like certain songs are a continuation on a common theme or thread as if they were intended to be on the same CD that took 20 years to make . I noticed enhanced mixes of songs as well - that was also a treat. Lastly, it truly is a pleasure to see a Todd that embodies all his talents and strengths and lyrical messages and sonic completeness into one complete cohesive artistic performance . Overall this show encapsulates the wizardry we come to expect from TR's recording with regard to his more electronic flair.

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5/12/2013 - Paramount Theater - Huntington, NY

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