Internet show May 12th

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I watched the internet show on our theater system from my home in New Mexico and was just blown away. I was grilling Mother's Day dinner during the first portion of the show and couldn't pay full attention, but the sound was amazing. ReProduction and No World Order have never been favorites of mine, but I'm ready to give them another try. I have loved Prime Time since I first heard it on the radio by The Tubes in the late 70s. I immediately bought the Todd produced Remote Control album. World Wide Epiphany came alive with this show. Secret Society was better than ever.

The State songs were amazing and so fresh. I loved Imagination, Party Liquor, Ping Me & Sir Reality. Serious should be a hit, but I've said that before about many Todd songs.

I can't wait to watch it again and give it my complete attention. Hopefully Todd will manage to find his way to back to NM where he enjoyed an enthusiastic packed house in Santa Fe last year.

How many other 65 year old musicians are still creating and expanding? Maybe Brian Wilson, anyone else?

Todd is DJ Odd and an absolute Genius!

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