STATE tour, Huntington LI, 5/12/13

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PREAMBLE: Thought long and hard before this review
Been a fan since 1978, with over 50 shows, own all released vinyl and purchased them again as CDs, own all DVDs, I have found many of my thoughts and life experiences in his lyrics. After his last new material release and tour in an election year, ARENA, being - in your face - political (even love his political dialogs at shows, more recently at Unpredictable) with introspective challenges... and an interview on CNN, I believed with name like STATE it would be a part 2 to ARENA, as in STATE of the Union(s), STATE of being(s), STATE of mind, in an Electronica environment. The reviews were great and I ran out to buy the CD. I like Electronica, I like to dance, listened to the CD on my iPod several times and I was bummed. The sound of this CD is amazing and is why Todd IS the Engineering Wizard! I fully expected the tour to be an interactive dance party, and I looked forward to it.

SHOW: technically a Tale of Two Cities - NYC & Huntington
The Gramercy Theater show was a disaster on 5/7 (3rd show on tour) and 2 days later everything was completely turned around for the PPV show at the Paramount Theater. Paramount was an amazing show. The Gramercy however had all the technical flaws that have been posted, at one point Todd yells, "that's it", and that's how a song ended. If you are at an Electronica show and the performer asks the crowd to get up and dance, need I say more? The sampled background music drowned out everything but Todd's voice, Jessie was wearing a headset probably because WE couldn't hear him either... and what was Prairie doing having to take hand cues from Todd & Jessie? Todd & band left the stage and Todd came out saying, "I forgot we have 2 more songs" and people were leaving before and during the encore. I know, OUCH, and I tried to sell my ticket at the Paramount...

OMG the Paramount is half sold! I cannot sell or return my or my friend's ticket, people were GIVING tickets away. I go in at 8pm and the GA floor is 1/4 filled - the house lights went down, the Lasers came on and Todd, Prairie and Jessie BLEW the doors off the place, The sound was amazing, Prairie was "on" 100% and Jessie was tearing up his guitar. Todd was successfully at the helm, there was room to dance and WE ALL DID! GREAT SHOW, but understand, it is a 50/50 chance there could be technical difficulties. Do NOT expect to hear golden oldies here, those shows just passed and they were amazing as well. Subscribe for the PPV show and enjoy.

See everyone at the next NY show! An Evening With Todd, and it will be great to see Kasim back as well!!! I love to see Todd and band, they are the most assessable, humble, versatile rock band & icon (Todd) ever - and I like to see all the friendly fans too. But does anyone else feel the last 3 CDs of Todd's were "Not The Very Best of Todd"? STATE, [RE] Production and TRs Johnson... Hate to put this out there, but should Todd once again become the Hermit and come out with a blockbuster release that "may change the world" and open up some more minds? If Todd does so, I will need to frequent!

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5/12/2013 - Paramount Theater - Huntington, NY

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